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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 6: My Wife, My Boss, Baseball and Young Love's Plans

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1) I miss my wife. At first I was going to put this into the bad section, but then I decided that I would put it in the good section since it shows how much I love her. I have such an intense love for her that I don't like being away from her. In this case absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. I love you Mrs.
2) I talked to an old boss last night. Ok, talk isn't exactly the right word. Chatted online. Those lines get blurred sometimes don't they? This man was quite the mentor for me when I was first starting out my accounting career. He was always a crack up even if he has poor taste in sports teams (Giants in baseball and Raiders in Football). Al, thank you for all of the accounting knowledge you passed on to me. It has served me very well over the past sixteen years.
3) What is it about men and sports stats? How is it that men can remember how many strikeouts Sandy Koufax pitched in the 1965 season? How is it that that same man can't remember where the hell he set down his keys, or the pen he was just using (I still haven't found that damn Sharpie)? I don't get it. I love sitting and talking about my favorite sport for hours at a time. But it truly is baffling how those numbers mean enough to me to warrant a spot in my memory, yet remembering to check the bank account BEFORE going shopping just doesn't happen. I guess we might as well ask the owl how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. The world may never know.

The Bad
None today, thanks.

The Writing
Frank and Elizabeth had only been married for three years and buying a house was the next step in the life plan they had envisioned for themselves. Get married, advance in their careers, buy a house, start having babies and then grow old together as a happy family. Pretty standard "American Dream" stuff. All had been going according to plan. They married the week after they both graduated from college. Honeymooned in the Caribbean. Frank was already working as an junior architect and with the degree came a hefty raise, followed a year later by a nice promotion. Elizabeth, or Lizzy as she was known to her friends, landed a job at a small accounting firm in Concord two weeks after the honeymoon. A stepping stone job for this bright young woman. Her and Frank both knew this. Their future was very bright indeed.
Both Frank and Lizzy were in great shape. They jogged three miles every morning before getting ready for their workday. Around Concord when the weather was permitting, or on the treadmill in the gym in their apartment complex. They ate healthy most of the time, though the occasional pizza indulgence kept them from being fanatical about their health. Their sex life was phenomenal. They made love at least five times a week and occasionally got a little adventurous with it. You know standard young lust stuff.
Then they bought Margaret, as they christened their new abode with a bottle of champagne and passionate love making in several of the rooms amongst their boxes of belongings the first night. What they didn't know was that Margaret was all they bought. They bought a history. A dirty history that should have stayed buried. But somehow this history wanted to live again.

Stay Scared My Friends,
My Little Demon

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