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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 5: Business Trips and Poltergeists

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
I am staying with good friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We are watching "The Big Bang Theory". Wow, I have never seen this show. I love it! Being a geek is so cool. It definitely reminds me of my high school days. It is sort of vindication for me to see "me types" in a sitcom.

The Bad
Nothing pissed me off today. Yay. I even sort of enjoyed the ribbing I took from the Giants fans I am staying with. I love the good natured rivalric (ha, I made a new word) camaraderie.

The Writing

When Elizabeth and Frank stepped foot into the house, they knew they had to have it! The price tag was at the upper end of their budget range, so if they couldn't get the seller to come down, they could still afford it. The colonial was located just outside of Concord. The day the Hunnewells looked at the home, the trees in New Hampshire were beginning to turn. Outside the living room bay windows was a wash of fall colors. Reds, oranges, yellows and a smattering of lingering greens. The house stood on an acre and a half with a stream running though the back of the lot. That stream would be the source of so much pain and misery for the young couple in the coming months. Rather the secrets the stream holds in it's shallow depths and swirling pools.
Frank and Elizabeth were indeed able to get the seller to come down on the price. Quite a bit more than they had anticipated in fact. They believed their good luck stemmed from the fact that it truly was a buyers market. They believed that their good fortune was just beginning. They believed that the house of their dreams was now theirs. In fact what the Hunnewells had just purchased would turn out to be the nightmare of a life time.

Ok, this was a VERY weak opening. I will be rewriting this if this story has enough bones in it. I will write more tomorrow night and see if I can take off with it. I have some really good ideas for it. I have never thought of writing a ghost story before. Or more properly a poltergeist story. Let's see where this takes us shall we. A work in progress to be sure. I am excited about this one.

For now, stay scared. Let's flesh this one out shall we.

My Little Demon

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