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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 20:HHMM XV, Zombie Walk, World Series, and Steven in bed with Jessica

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1)   HHMM XV  Saturday Night!!!  What started 15 years ago as a going away party for a coworker has turned into something I look forward to each year.  I haven't been feeling Halloween so far this year, but today I sent out the invitations for the fun event.  Now I am excited to get to storage and get out the decorations!  I will be watching Army of Darkness while we decorate.  And then we have five movies lined up for the marathon.  We usually only get through three or four.  We'll see how far we get this year.  I will probably be playing bartender.  Which I admit, I love!  I am going to be making some interesting cocktails for the party.  I am going to infuse vodka with candy corn for shots.  I'll be making zombies and brain hemorrhages.  I can't wait.
2)   Sunday is the San Antonio Zombie Walk.  I have no idea what to expect.  We shall see.

The Bad
     There is a 50% chance that I won't be watching the World Series.  If the Giants and Yankees make it, I will be boycotting the Series.  If the Rangers and Phillies make it, I won't watch due to disinterest.  If either the Giants OR Yankees make it, I will be watching to root against whichever of them makes it!

The Writing
   Sunday, September 16, 2012

   Steven opened his eyes.  He was still sitting up in bed.  His neck was stiff and in pain from laying to the side for... how long?  He lifted his head and a sharp pain shot through his neck.  He winced and slowly started to roll his head in a full circle to loosen his neck up.  His eyes absently taking in the room.  His eyes stopped on the alarm clock on his dresser next to his bed.  The big red display told him it was 7:43.
   Then he started to remember the events of just a few hours before.  He finished his head roll looking to the bed next to him.  There was a hot, little, blonde bartender sound asleep next to him.  Everything hit him at once.  The drive to her place.  The frantic escape from her place and return here. Calming her down and putting her to bed.  Sitting next to her innocently as if she were his sister.  Damnit, what the hell was wrong with him?  He slid out of bed and went into the bathroom.  He splashed water onto his face.  Stepped back from the sink and surveyed himself in the mirror.
     "Oh God, what is going on?"  He didn't expect an answer, nor did he get one.  So he went back into his bedroom and grabbed his laptop and slipped into the adjacent living room.

Steven's Blog
    Sunday, September 16, 2012
     Ok, what the FUCK?!  How is this for a fucked up situation?  I've got a woman that I have had impure thoughts about for about three years now sleeping in my bed.  It is not even 8 in the morning and I am sitting in the living room trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in this town.  Or is it all over the state?  The country?  Fuck.  I have never felt so much like an idiot for not having cable.  So, here I am writing and trying to find some reliable news on the "net".
     Well, that was interesting.  CNN is reporting that this is going on all over the US and Europe, with parts of Asia starting to be affected.  They are trying not to use the word zombie.  I guess it is a word that serious journalists don't use.  They can call "them" whatever they want, but the rest of us know what the deal is.  Thank you George Romero for preparing us for this.  The reports say that the dead are indeed trying to eat the living, but for the most part are not much more than a nuisance.  They are mostly too slow moving to pose much of a threat.  Which is what I saw last night, though in the middle of the night it was still pretty goddamn scary.  The reporters are saying to stay indoors and let the military and police take care of this.  Don't venture outside unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  They say that there are a few "of them" that are able to move about more rapidly, but nothing seemingly faster than a brisk walk.  We are told to avoid them, and anyone who has recently been ill.  That is where this seems to have started.  Whatever this is, began with all those sick people.  Liz...  I hope you are resting in peace.
     I've got enough food and water for myself for about five days.  Of course, if Jess stays, then that is cut in half.  Ok, so I need to figure out a plan.  I will keep trying to connect with...

     That was when a blood curdling scream came from his bedroom.  The laptop tumbled to the floor, landing thankfully on the bottom and not on the monitor.  He jumped up and ran into the next room.  What he saw was inexplicable.  Jess was still in bed and there was another person standing by the window.  The sunlight was streaming in behind whoever it was.  He jumped to the side of the bed and reached for where Jess was and found only a jumble of sheets and blankets.
      He breathed out a "Huh?" and stole a look down.  Empty.  He looked back up at the figure across the room.  This time his eyes had time to adjust to the scene before him.  It was Jessica standing at the window looking out. Her hands up to her face and she was trembling from head to toe.  And then a whimper escaped her.
     The knight in shining armor awoke in Steven again with the whimper.  He ran around the bed to her and turned her to face him and embraced her to him.  Her head on his chest.  He looked outside and saw a horrific scene unfolding below.  Apparently, someone had gotten caught by one of the zombies and was struggling to escape as he tore at her flesh.  And from just about everywhere he looked there were more of them moving in to share in the kill like a shambling lion pride.
     Jessica was murmuring into his chest.  He turned her further around and stepped her back the three or so steps to the bed.  He guided her to sit on the edge of the bed, but she would not let go of him.

I am going to stop here for tonight, because I am not happy with the way this is coming out.  My intention for this story was to have it told completely from Steven's journal/blog.  I strayed from that tonight for the sake of getting the story moving again.  But I want to leave it alone for now and hopefully pick it back up in the right way tomorrow night.  Thanks for reading it anyway.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon

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