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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 23:My Wife Again, Bad Day and Steve "Comforts" Jess.

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
     This was not a good day for me.  I have some serious mental issues that I need to take care of.  The silver lining to the day, is that there are people that care for me.  My wife is and always will be my savior in this life.  I love you honey and I'm sorry I can be such an ass, and that you bare the brunt of it every time.  I've got some good friends in Vegas that have ranted all day long about a former boss of mine.  It got me grinning every now and then.  It came very close to me breaking my rule about saying anything negative about a former employer in print.  I never want something like that to come back to haunt me.

Side note - I did write last night, but it was a bit too personal to post.  There was no good, bad and writing format.  It was just me lamenting my situation.  I am not ready to share that.  Hopefully I never will be.
The Bad
     Like I said, this was a very bad day for me emotionally.  I did enough dwelling on it all day long and won't prolong it any more here.

The Writing
     Sunday, September 16, 2012 8am

     I tried to sit her on the edge of the bed, but she wouldn't let go of me and we almost both fell over.  Under any other circumstance, I would have gone with it.  But in this case, I wanted her away from the window and to be free from her so I could see the rest of the scene below.  I didn't really want to see what was going on.  But I felt I needed to know what we were dealing with here in the light of day.
     "Shhhhhhh, calm down Jess." I tried to soothe.  I need to see what's going on out there.  I need to know how bad it is.
     "He got her," she shouted into my chest. "Just caught hold of her hair as she tried to run by him and he caught her hair and down she went.  Then he started biting her.  Steven, how can this be happening?  I don't understand!" She began to sob against me.
     I stopped trying to push her away from me.  Instead I held her tight against me and turned her with her back to the window so i could look out over her shoulder.  And boy was it gruesome.  I've seen my fair share of zombie movies since my childhood.  And what I was looking at could have easily been a scene out of any of those movies.  I saw at least seven zombies - men and women - on their knees scrabbling to get their hands into the poor woman's soft flesh.  Chunks of flesh hanging out of their mouths as they greedily tried to seize their next bite before they had even finished swallowing what was in their mouth.  There were intestines being strung out and gnawed into.  When her colon was ripped free and the black feces spilled onto one zombie's chest, I had to force down my gag reflex.  There were more coming too. The seven already feeding were about to have the breakfast company of half a dozen more.
     I tore my eyes away from the grisliness below in order to survey the visible part of my complex.  I was relieved to see that there were only a couple more of them within my sight lines.  The bad part about that is that all of them were right out my front door.
     "Jess, we are going to stay put for a couple days.  Hopefully the national guard or the army or whoever will have this taken care of by then.  I've got enough food for a few days.  I'm going to need your help now to get everything we're going to need ready.  Can you do that for me?"  She shook her head violently without looking up at me.
     "Come on Jessica.  Look at me."  I placed my hands on the side of her head and turned her face up to mine.  Her eyes were closed so tight that her entire face was squished together.  Definitely not attractive.
     "Jessica honey, please open your eyes and look at me.  I need you.  I need you to hear me.  I need you to help me.  Please."  I didn't know what I was going to do if that didn't work, but it did.  First I watched her faced relax.  Then her eye sockets.  Then her eyelids began to flutter and slowly open.  She looked up at me with her watery ocean blue-green eyes.  I could see the fear and pleading looking intently at me.  Into me almost.
     "Is this a nightmare?" She asked as the first tears started to stream from those eyes.
     "No honey.  But we are going to be alright.  And this will hopefully be over with in a couple days.  Now that the government knows what it is dealing with. And now that we know what we are dealing with we can be prepared.  Understand me?  I have emergency supplies, but I need your help to get this place prepared.  Can you do that for me?"  My eyes never once left hers.  Willing her to be soothed by my gaze and calm voice.  Hey, It's my blog, i can be the suave handsome hero if I want to be.
     "Now, I need you to go into the my spare bedroom closet and get my toolbox, please.  Bring it here.  And try to stay away from the windows."  And miracle of miracles, she let go of me and turned and walked from my room.
     When she had gone I stole one more quick glance out the window and saw the mess.  There wasn't much left of that poor woman.  Then I went to work gathering blankets and some other things that I needed.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon

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