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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 31: Sports, Ideas, Lack of writing,

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
So, I've had a pretty darn good last 32 hours.  Starting at about 3pm yesterday afternoon.  I cut out of work early (which I will make up the hours tomorrow) and went with the wife to a bar in the Doubletree Hotel.  We were visiting with a friend who bartends there.  I was intending to discuss the liquor blog with him.  Well it turned out to be not very productive as far as that avenue went, but other brainsparks were ignited while we were discussing it.  And we sat there for about four and a half hours.  I had four great cocktails during that time and it turns out that three other folks I know also work there.  One was the Exec chef, another the Dir of F&B, and a third worked in the bar/dining room.  So, not only did this buddy of mine and I come up with a great potential money making idea.  I am going to keep it a secret until it comes to fruition, but if we can make it work out, I may be able to say goodbye to accounting for good and write full time by the end of next year.  In addition to this very productive brainstorming session I was potentially offered a job a couple nights a week as a bartender.  I am excited and have butterflies about this prospect.  Not as much excitement as I have for this other project though.
Then this morning, I got up and went for a nice long walk with my wife.  Then I helped a friend of a friend move.  It was the easiest move I have ever experienced.  And I have experienced a TON of moves.  Then I had a GREAT lunch from Freebirds Burritos!  Then on to my son's football game.  That was somewhat of an anticlimax, as the other team only had three players show up.  So they asked for volunteers from our team to switch sides and my son volunteered.  And his team for the week wound up winning a scrimmage.
Then we went to the AT&T Center to watch the Spurs game.  While we were there we had a few cocktails and listened to the Rangers-Giants game while we watched the Spurs.  It was fun!  My wife and I would stand up and cheer at all the wrong times reacting to the baseball game.  The Rangers wound up winning 4-2, to get back in the Series.  While they were finishing up with the Giants for tonight, the spurs were digging themselves a hole of  18 points early in the fourth quarter.  Well they came charging back.  If only they had only let them get 14 or 15 points ahead.  I think the outcome of the game might have been different.  They came back and had the lead shaved down to 3 with two minutes to go.  Oh well.  Can't have a perfect day right?  Tomorrow (14 minutes from now) is Halloween and I can't wait.  I have a VERY busy day ahead of me tomorrow:
Work work
work on this new project

Happy Halloween all!

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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