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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 1

Dear readers,

Both of you. Just a few words on the format I am going to try to stick to for my posts. I've given my blog the tagline of The Good, The Bad and the Writing. My reason for this is to keep myself from getting too hung up on bitching about anything for too long and causing myself to be dragged down into depression or anger or frustration. Here's how it is going to work. I am going to have no less than two and no more than three parts to each post. Every post is going to have at least one commentary about what happened during the day, or one good thing that I pondered and deemed worthy of "The Good" section. I said at least, and if I feel more than one item needs to be talked about, well then, I'll just have to talk about it. Likewise every post will have a writing section. In this section I will write a brief (or verbose if I am on a roll) section of original fiction. On those days where something is gnawing at me in the negative way it tends to do so often, I will include a section called "The Bad". Unlike "The Good" section, I am going to try to limit myself to only "bitching" about one item per day.

Hopefully by limiting the negatives and focusing on the positives and the writing, I can lessen the cloud that has been hanging over my head for the latter 2/3 of my life. Maybe I can get that GD cloud to burst and rain down on the good things and make them more visible to my eyes, like a field of flowers blooming out of the soil, and turning the fertile ground into a sea of beautiful colors. That don't sound like me does it? Well let's just see if we can redefine me. And by we, I really mean ME! I am the architect of this mind and body (Thanks Tommy Lee).

And without further ado, I present the first installment of:


The Good
1) I started a blog today, but you knew that. Both of you. Well, and there may be someone at that took notice, but I highly doubt it. I am viewing this as a positive step in my personal growth. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step right? Or something like that.
2) Seabass is doing great in school and I was able to help him learn a math concept that should help him. Go figure, the accountant is able to help with math concepts.
3) I still have a wife and three wonderful children. I truly am a lucky lucky man. Selfish and jaded and cynical and skeptical and pessimistic, but EXTREMELY lucky.

The Bad
9:23pm rolls around and then I realize what exactly I am going to write about in this section tonight.
Me: "FUCK!"
Jenny: "What?!" I'm sure she thought something was really wrong. No, probably not. She knows I am a drama queen.
Me: "We FUCKING had tickets to the exorcist tonight."
I don't know what made it dawn on me 2.5 hours after the event started, but it hit me like a gloating ton of neener neener bricks.
So down the drain goes another $40 and some change and possibly my last chance to see one of the scariest horror movies of all time on the big screen.

The Writing

I want to preface this with the following: Anyone reading this needs to know I am doing absolutely no research on the subject matter I am going to be writing about. Also, I am going to be doing 0% editing. There will be typos. There will be grammatical errors. Tough! That is why it's called a rough draft. I welcome your comments and input and feedback and even help. I also reserve the right to completely ignore your suggestions. Please don't take offense. This is after all, MY PLAYGROUND! I write first and foremost for me. And if I don't like the way something sits in a story I will cut it out or just not use it. If my not using your suggestion bothers you that much, then I invite you to write your own story. I will even read it and happily discuss why mine is better. And that last was just a joke. I would love to discuss other people's writing with them. Can you tell I am stalling the beginning of this section? This is the scariest part for me. Even though the stories are up in my head, it is like they are hanging on in there like a cat you are trying to throw in the bath tub. I am going to try to avoid the claws. You do the same please. Here we go together...

SS Endurance
Ship's Manifest
Date: 9/19/2012
Captain: Frank Pierce
Port of Origin: Galveston, TX

We pulled anchor this afternoon and pulled out of Galveston for the first leg of this hundred day voyage around the world. I have met and planned this leg of the journey which will be from TX down to Trinidad. Open ocean, only one Atlantic storm that we are going to keep an eye on. A storm just forming into a Trop Dep about 250 miles off the West Coast of Africa. Unlikely it will cause us trouble, as we should be well south of where these storms track by the time it has developed any strength.
Bridge crew is very knowledgeable and professional. I foresee no problems. Just a nice leisurely sail south to make sure everyone gets acclimated to the open ocean...

Facebook Post by Mitchell Kraft

Woohoo! Leaving for the dock right now. So long land lubbers. I can't wait to hit the bars on the ship. I've been told there are 23 of them. All Judy can think about is getting sun by the pool and showing off her new tits. I must say, I can't wait for that either... See all you bitches for New Years!

Tweet by Frances McHenry

The ship is HUGE! Can't wait to see the tiny room... cabin. Steve tells me its a cabin. Tweet more later with pics.

Blog entry by Robert Malcolm
Night of 9/19/2012
We set sail today and I can't believe the size of this ship. I'm told there are over 2,000 people on this floating city. Un-freakin-believable. Dinner today was great. Walked on the deck afterwards. If it weren't for the wind on my face, it would be difficult to tell we were moving at all. All the conveniences of home. Including satellite internet. The best 32 grand I've ever spent. There are a lot of beautiful people on board. Mostly couple though. Oh well. I have a hundred days to find the singles right? In fact we have our first scheduled singles event tomorrow for lunch. Can't wait. Sweet dreams cyber friends and family.

Next installment tomorrow night.

My Little Demon

Purpose of this blog

The purposes for starting this blog are many. I'll try to outline them here. Though reserve the right to amend the purpose and write whatever the hell I feel like in the days, weeks and months ahead.

1) First and foremost, the purpose of this blog is to get back into the habit of writing every day. Who knows what this will lead to if anything, but I know I am terribly out of practice of putting thoughts to print. And that is something that I need to remedy fast.

2) Hopefully help with the general malaise that has settled over my being. I need something to look forward to each day. I am hoping this will fill a gap in my life.

3) General rants in an effort to keep from internalizing all the day to day little nits and nats that upset me.

4) Brainstorm story ideas.

5) Express my emotions that I have a hard time getting out - both positive and negative.

I am hoping to use this as a form of personal therapy. If no one reads these rants and writings, it really doesn't matter to me. I will welcome comments both positive and negative. I understand that the web is not the place for privacy. So I may or may not think twice about what I write here.

Happy reading. This starts tonight!

We are the architects of the bodies we inhabit. - Tommy Lee
I'd like to expand that to the mind as well.

My Little Demon