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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 27: Maker's Mark Cocktail Experience, Cheesy Zombie Haiku

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
I just got home from a nice cocktail event with a friend.  Maker's Mark is celebrating it's newest product, "46".  As a Maker's Mark Ambassador - a title that really only means I enjoy the spirit and took the time to fill out the form online, I was invited to the event.  There was no free tasting, which was a shame, although, truth be told, I have already consumed two bottles of the heavenly nectar.  As I said, they were not having free tastings of the new product, however if you were so inclined to stand in line they were giving away hand dipped in the Maker's Wax (on the spot) glassware, and when they ran out of the glasses (because there were probably about 150-200 local "ambassadors" present) they dipped horseshoes.  I can only surmise the horseshoes were because Maker's is made near Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby.  And they were dipping pretty much anything that you asked them to.  I saw people dipping their baseball caps, flasks (wish I had taken one of mine), the bar was having Adam Harris (the Maker's Brand Diplomat - I need that gig) dip all of their wine carafes.  I can't figure that out, but they looked very cool when done.  A friend of mine, a local bar GM had her high heals dipped.  And honestly, I don't know why this woman wears high heals.  She is about 6 feet tall without them.  And she is exactly what you would expect to see if you found a tribe of Amazon woman deep in the jungle.  We were joking with her that she should dip her boob in the wax, but then I commented that there was not enough wax.  Everyone got a good laugh out of that.  Oops I got a little off point, there.
        I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I ran into the bar owner of the bar I used to work at.  He was sober, so it was a good conversation.  It was ironic in a way that that we ran into him, because my friend and I had already discussed going to that bar when we were done with the event.  So after just two rounds and some great free food at Redland Roadhouse we left for the Green Lantern.
        At the Green Lantern I had a Sazerac.  My all time favorite cocktail.  If you can find a bartender that knows how to make it properly and actually has the right ingredients (I'd say you are at only 1% of the bars in America), I would HIGHLY recommend drinking one.  There is so much going on in those three ounces of liquid, that you will love it.  If not made right it is a horrible experience, but made right, It is heaven in a glass.  there are very few bartenders that I will allow to make this drink for me.  I am one of those.  I tried his newest experimental infusion.  Irish Whiskey, infused with sweet potato and cinnamon.  Oh my golly!  That was fan-freakin-tastic.  A perfect holiday after a big thanksgiving dinner drink!  And it needs no mixers whatsoever.  you can't tell that it has much alcohol in it much less whiskey.  If you are in the San Antonio area, I highly recommend checking out the Green Lantern on Stone Oak, about a half mile from highway 281.  The manager is Don Marsh, and if you go in there on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, tell him that Vegas sent you.  That was the name I went by when I worked there (not a name I gave myself mind you).
       I am really inspired now to write a blog dedicated to cocktails and spirit education. The trick is going to be differentiating myself from the million and one other similar blogs out there.  Any ideas anyone?  I would really love to perpetuate the fine cocktail culture.  I would like to educate drinkers about the different spirits they are ingesting.  Help them understand why a bourbon is a bourbon.  Or what is the difference between cognac and brandy.  Or why great marketing doesn't make a great spirit (I'm talking to you Patron and Grey Goose among others).  I would really love to help people appreciate and understand why some scotches smell like they were roasted over a beach campfire and why some spirits are sweeter than others.  Obviously a lot of it is going to be biased and slanted toward my own opinions, but I will back up my opinions with reasons.  I'm thinking Thursday nights?  Make recommendations for the weekend?

The Bad
     Nothing new really today.

The Writing
     How about a little zombie Haiku

Wandering aimless
Until living flesh is spied
Then the hunt begins

I must have some brains
Brains make the death pain hurt less
So give me your brains

Zombies hunting me
Relentless bastards out there
This cabin, my tomb?

Must get to the north
Will the snow freeze the shamblors?
Must test out theory

Why am I obsessed
Mankind needs a good purging
Will I survive purge?

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon

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