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Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 3: Horror, Bartending, Liquor and Texas Drivers

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
Ok, I've got a lot of happy things to write about today. I may have to hold a couple over for tomorrow. The problem is that a couple of them are hold overs from last night. Who knew I had this much that makes me happy. I have a feeling that a couple of these are going to be recurring subjects for me. I wonder if they may even spin off into a full blog of their own in time. Who knows. There is enough material for each of them. However there are a plethora of blogs out there for each of them as well. including blogs and newsletters that are for profit organizations. I digress from the point of the blog. I may figure this blogging thing out yet.

1) Horror Makes me Happy! I like being scared out of my mind. Cowering into the couch, or the seat or whatever I am sitting on. I love the adrenalin rush that being scared gives me. Haha, am I half Goth, half Adrenaline Junkie? Maybe. Some people like to strap bungee cords to their ankles and jump off a perfectly good bridge. Or jump out of a perfectly functioning plane. Though I am not ruling either of those two events out, I prefer to get my adrenaline rush safely watching cheesy "B" Horror movies. Or great horror that makes you think. Suspense. I love it all. This is one topic that may breed a spin off. Maybe movie reviews? Who knows. Tonight I want to go see "Case 39". Maybe I will try my hand at reviewing it.

2) Bartending makes me feel alive. I miss being behind the bar and making drinks for complete strangers that become friends over time. It really is a strange dynamic for me. I am quite the social-phobe. But I can be behind the bar with a hundred people trying to talk to me at the same time and I thrive. Get me in that same situation on the other side of the bar and I retreat into myself. I really hate that about me.

3) Liquor makes me happy I am alive! I love the histories and processes that go into the making of the different liquors. I love the almost culinary art to mixing drinks. Do I like the term mixologist? Not really. Do I use it? Of course. I'm not sure a special term needs to be given to advanced bartenders. They are just better at a certain aspect of bartending. Anyway. That is a subject for another time. I love how liquor allows me to come out of my shell in situations mentioned above. The social anxiety melts away after a couple drops of the craether. Thank you liquor. I would love to dedicate a weekly article to this subject. Hmmmm...

The Bad
People here in Texas Just plain don't know how to merge. The impression OF Texans by other than Texans is very macho, gung ho and better than anyone or anything nontexan. Well, I've got news for you Texans. You can't merge for shit! Do I mean ever single one of you? Of course not. It's a big state. I'm sure there are five of six of you that can actually not drive like a P@%^&Y. Rule #1 for merging: NEVER STOP!!! Rule #@: And this one apparently is going to shock the hell out of you. Accelerate to the speed of traffic you are merging with. Simple!!! Rule #3: blinker In almost 2 years living here in Texas, I think I have seen it used in maybe 4 cars. Rule #4: If by some chance the cars you are merging with are driving aggressively understand that they are probably from another state and you need to grow a pair and bluff your way in. Use that pedal on the right and make it happen.
If you can't follow those 4 simple rules, then you should actually resort to what us non-Texans believe about you anyway, and buy a horse. Get out of your car and spare the rest of us.
I feel better now.

The Writing

The muse took the night off. Gonna have to find that bitch and beat her!

Stay Scared,

My Little Demon

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