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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 10: My Brother, the Zombie

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1) On the set of a zombie film short. What an experience this has been. Saw the call for some help on the internet for this project and sent an email to the production manager. It took a couple days to get the details, but we finally got the info last night and left early this morning for the 4.5 hour drive down to Pharr, TX. And when I say early, I mean EARLY! I got home and to bed at about 1am last night/this morning and was up at 2:30 and on the road at 3:30am. Fun. I am now qualified to play a zombie. That is not in the script though. I have been recruited to be the backup sound guy. this is my first time on a film set. It isn't a big Hollywood blockbuster or anything, but it is about as professional as a group of college film students are going to get I suppose.
The premise of the film is somewhat similar to that of George Romero's latest "... of the Dead" series, "Survival of the Dead". A survivor is keeping his zombified brother in the house despite that he is now a flesh eating member of the undead. There seems to be no tension between the two brothers. The conflict of this short is between the living brother and his girlfriend. She doesn't feel that he should be keeping his brother - not an irrational response to his "condition".
This group of kids (for that is what they are compared to myself) have a great camaraderie and have a good time working together. I am having a very enjoyable time being here observing this process. It definitely makes me curious about writing screenplays. One of the guys, Ali the producer gave me the name of a script writing software to download that he says is great. I have now downloaded it and may attempt to use it in the very near future. Obviously after this busy weekend.
2) The drive down here was fraught with peril and adventure. I picked up my wife's cousin at 3:30 and off we went.
I missed the turn off for 281. and had to drive five miles down the freeway to the first exit to turn around at. I swear the Texas Department of Transportation has got to be one of the most retarded government agencies out there. Road signs and intersections were clearly designed by a sadistic sense of humor or someone who had never been behind the wheel of a vehicle. The intersections we had to negotiate in the dark were never right angles. And the road signs actually led us on a route that took us six or so miles in the wrong direction.
We stopped for gas about 5:30 in Premont, TX. How scarily redneck. There were about sixty pick-up trucks full of camouflaged red-necks getting breakfast in said gas station. This caused the stop to take about ten times longer than it needed to be. Full sized Monster Energy drink for the road. Xena refueled, me refueled. Off we go again.

It is now 3am. I woke up yesterday at 2:15am. I had a cat nap of an hour today. So that is a grand total of 2:15 minutes over the last two days. I will finish this wrapup tomorrow and write extra to make up for it.

What a day. I got to be a zombie in a movie. more tomorrow.

My Little Demon

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