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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 28: The Weather, Church, The Giants (BOO!), and A man walks into a bar!

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1)  The Weather is finally changing for a bit.  It is starting to get down into the 50's at night (sometimes), and Thursday and Friday night it is supposed to dip down to 40 degrees.  Woohoo, fall is finally here! The wheel of the year keeps turning.  But here in San Antonio it seems to be not quite a round wheel.  The summer side is a little over inflated and the fall and spring are under inflated.  Winter seems to be the only season that lasts about as long as it should.  Well, I am going to count my blessings that the heat is over for about five months.  I am going to revel in the cooler temps this year, now that I know they are going to be short lived indeed.
2)  I can't tell you how excited I am for Halloween to finally be here.I don't have a more favorite holiday.  Though it has been slow to hit me this year.  I am finally starting to feel happy about it.  I only wish I had a Samhain ritual to perform.  Or a backyard to perform it in.  But shhh, no one tell my in-laws that I am a witch.
3) My wife wants me to start going to church with her.  Sorry honey, but I need to think this through on screen.  What I am hearing from her is that I need it to feel a sense of goodness in other people.  To understand that people are there for each other.  In short a sense of community and everything that entails.  I am going to acquiesce this Saturday and go with her.  I will not however share any of my views or opinions with anyone there.  I know how her family feels about people like me.  And I have met enough people who have expressed very negative opinions about people like me.  I have been against organized religion my entire life.  I am not an Atheist.  I would classify myself as an agnostic.  I believe in a god (perhaps goddess, perhaps plurals of either or each).  I do not know.  I also refuse to allow a priest or a Rabi or my neighbor or snoopy dictate the relationship I have with deity.  Whatever gave me a mind, obviously wanted me to use it.  And I intend to do just that.  I do not believe in Jesus Christ.  (WOW, I can hear my readership dwindle as I type).  Let me clarify.  I do not believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God(Judeo/Christian).  I believe that he may have been an actual historical figure.  I do not believe that the miracles attributed to him actually happen.  I think they are propaganda.  As they are not humanly possible.  And since I believe that he was human if he existed, then he was only able to perform human deeds. I do not agree with religion's techniques of blindly following and believing or get out attitude.
     I will go to church with my wife.  With a completely open mind to the sense of community and goodness that is in people.  I know she has been wanting to start going to church since before we moved back to San Antonio.  I have never once attempted to stop her or commented negatively about her going.  I guess she has just been waiting for me to go too.  Well, bring it on!  I will just keep to myself, because I don't want to cause a scene if anyone asks me about my personal beliefs.  She is touting "time to reflect and pray" as the benefit for going to church.  Well, I have no one to pray to, so it will be a time of quiet introspection for me.  And I must say I am looking forward to bringing my wife a little joy in the process.

The Bad
Well, anyone who knows me, knows i am going to write about the Giants.  Well, I have three words to say.  Eff the Giants.  Try harder tomorrow Rangers!

The Writing
    A man walks into a bar.  He sees a gorgeous redhead sitting alone at the end of the bar.  So he walks down and sits with a seat in between them.  He doesn't want to make her uncomfortable.  Creepy decreases your chances of getting lucky right?  He orders his drink and waits for his opportunity to strike up a conversation.  He isn't really great at creating opportunities.  He is horrible at making first impressions.  He is the type of guy that has to grow on you to like.  But he never seems to give up.  Rejection doesn't bother him anymore.  His Facebook account has twenty-six friends.  And half of those are his family.  He has phone numbers in his phone that he has never called.  The 2am, the bar's closing, quick exchange of numbers.
     Tonight, he decides, is going to be different.  No rejection tonight for him.  And boy was he right.
     "Why did you sit there?  You wanted to sit next to me.  So why the game?"
     He stammers for a bit before blurting out, "Hi, I'm Freddy."  He stands, but when he gets back to his feet he is at a complete loss as to what to do.  He stands there blinking at the redhead and the seat next to her.
     She puts her hand on the seat he is contemplating and lightly taps it with her fingers, never taking her eyes off of his.

I've never been to bars to pick up women.  But I can imagine them taking on a tone like what you just read.  I would be very uncomfortable and indecisive and it would take a woman like the one Freddy just met to allow me to get into a conversation.  Poor Freddy is in for quite the surprise as the night goes on though.  More tomorrow.  Maybe even enough to find out what type of woman this very forward redhead is.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon

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