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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 45:NaNoWriMo progress, Wife still out of town

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
     Anyone who has read any of my posts today already know what I am jazzed about today.  I wrote more today, than I have in any one day in my life.  7,000 words in my novel, not to mention what I am going to write here right now.  Just to give you an idea of how much 7,000 hundred words is: that's about 28 pages in a novel.  Give or take.  I'm doing this as part of the NaNoWriMo, yes, but I am also doing it for myself.  I want to grow as a writer.  I want to complete a lengthy writing project.  And this one is farther along than anything I have ever written.  I am now a little more than one hundred pages into this thing, And I think I am also a little more than halfway done with it.  This has been quite a daunting experience and the month isn't even half over yet.  That and there is still so much story left to tell.  At least I think there is.  You see, when I write a story, I let the characters guide it through its paces.  I honestly don't know yet, which characters left are going to die if any, or all of them.  That wouldn't be unheard of for a zombie story.  After all, it is the apocalypse and the story is set in the latter part of 2012.  And you all know what that means.  Wink wink.
     My brain is pretty fried right now.  So I am going to keep this pretty short tonight.  I wrote a lot today.  I am so very excited about that fact. I'm ready for this story to come to life more before my very eyes.  I hope that someday you all will get to read the finished product.  I suppose writing the story is the easy part.  And believe me, it hasn't been easy.  Writing is very rewarding for me.  It allows me to be creative.  Something my accounting job doesn't.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.  Except I am going to get up early enough to hit the gym before going to Barnes & Noble to write for 3 hours straight before lunch.  And then back home for another 3 or so hours of writing.  Word counts.  All this talk about them must be boring you to tears.  Tough! There are a million billion other webpages out there that don't use the words word or count in them.  There are probably a million that don't even have words on them.  Guess what?  You are on my blog right now, reading my random words.  And if you are still reading and haven't clicked one of those buttons at the top of your browser.  Thank you.  I appreciate your time.  I know time is a valuable commodity.

The Bad

Sleeping alone.  My wife is in Vegas for one more night and for the second night in a row, I have to sleep in our bed alone.  And guess what?  Like that chick in the British Zombie Mini Series, "Dead Set",  "I don't liiiike it!"

The Writing

Nothing left to give fiction wise tonight.  Hopefully Monday night will be better.  i expect tomorrow I will feel similar to tonight, as I am shooting for another 6,000 words or so in the Zombie novel.

Good night readers.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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