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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 38: Great "write-in", Son's 14th B-day, SA Drivers

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1) The "write-in" at Barnes & Noble this morning was awesome.  I think all I need to allow me to write non-stop is a change of venue. I was able to write over 2500 words today.  That is the equivalent of about 10 pages in a novel.  For me, that is amazing.  I am going to try to do that twice tomorrow.  In the morning at Barnes and Noble again and in the evening at The Yardhouse.
2) My son had a very fun birthday party this afternoon/evening.  And now, we have him as well as two of his friends are spending the night.  It appears the fun never ends around here.

The Bad
The annoying San Antonio Drivers.  I've complained in the past about the inability for SA drivers to merge.  Well, they have an issue when some one is trying to merge with them.  Ok, here is my tip for today.  When someone is merging onto the freeway and you are already on the freeway, it is the mergER's responsibility to accelerate to your speed and merge either in front or behind you.  Quit being gutless and slowing down!  You are causing a backup behind you that is COMPLETELY unnecessary.

The Writing

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 9:30am

                Well, I didn’t sleep well at all.  Go figure.  Nightmares about zombies and shit.  Again, go figure.  Woke up early.  Power is still on obviously, since I am typing this and not hand writing it.  The activity outside is about the same.  I’m starting to recognize more of my neighbors shambling around.  No cars yet this morning down the street.  Lots of zombies on the other side of the fence.

                Holy shit!  The fence.  The gate!  We can’t wait for the power to go out.  We need the power on to get out of here easily.  I don’t want delays and I definitely don’t want to have to get out of the car in order to get the gate open.  Gotta talk to Jess about that.  She’s not going to like it.

                Ok, about my plan to go through the wall.  Since about 6am, I’ve been knocking on the walls between our apartments and listening.  Nothing in response.  I am hoping that means that no one is home.  I’m going to have to use power tools to get over there.  I am not looking forward to the noise.  Jake was right yesterday.  It is quiet.  Every sound we make makes me wince.  There hasn’t been any more attempts at the doorknob though.  That is encouraging.  But a circular saw is going to make a lot more noise and for a longer period of time than knocking over a tray table.  I’ve done that a couple times already.  I don’t see a way around it however.  At least for the first cut.  To hell with it, I am going to find something heavy and use it like a battering ram.  All I really need is a whole big enough to wedge in and rip bigger chunks out until the hole is big enough to fit through.  I hope.  I’m not a contractor and I’ve never seen the inside of an apartment wall.  These walls do seem pretty thin though.  Hopefully it is going to be a matter of drywall, insulation, drywall and I’m through.  Maybe some wiring – another good reason to not saw blindly. 

                Jess just came in and told me there was only a couple that she could see inside the gates from the front window.  I told her to keep an eye and if those couple disappeared too, then we would try to load the car up quietly.  I stood up and gave her a hug and thanked her for keeping an eye on that and that we had to discuss a few things after I talked with Jake.  She said ok and went back to the chair she has pulled to the living room window. 

                What an odd fucking situation.  I’m pretty sure there is no attraction on her part for me.  Which makes it hard to think of myself as the hero of this story.  Oh well.  There’s other fish in the sea right?  Maybe.  Shit who knows.

Incoming chat request from Studio54Reject691: Steve.  Good morning.  How are you two doing?

Um, is this the same Jake?  All of a sudden calm cool and collected?

SNM456: Jake?  We’re doing fine.  How about you four?

Studio54Reject691: We’re fine.  It’s like you said man.  They gave up and walked off. 

SNM456:  This is the Jake I know.  Keep it together, man.  I want to keep this short.  I’m going through the wall as soon as I log off.  Into the cop’s bedroom from my bedroom. 

SNM456:  Have you worked on your bug out bags?

Studio54Reject691:  Yeah man.  I told Janus they were just in case and she actually calmed down.  I think she thinks I have a plan.  I couldn’t tell her that I didn’t.  that I just had you.  And that you are the hero of this story.

SNM456:  I was just blogging about that.

SNM456:  Aren’t heroes supposed to get the girl?  That ain’t happening here.

Studio54Reject691:  Dude she may not have much of a choice if this thing continues long.  We must repopulate the earth right?

SNM456:  Shut up.  What time do you want to chat tonight? 6 again?

Studio54Reject691: Yeah.  Be careful going through that wall.  You don’t know what’s on the other side.

SNM456:  True, but I need to try man.  I’ll let you know how it went later.  Take care until then.

Studio54Reject691:  Deal, and Steve, don’t let your meat loaf.

SNM456: good bye jackass.

Studio54Reject691 has logged off.

                Ok, through the wall I go.

You are now only one day behind my actual writing.  I have only to post what I wrote today to catch you up. I may have to post twice tomorrow in order to catch you up.  We'll see.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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