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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 37: Homemade vegetable soup, Almost caught up with the Zombies

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
I am having fun making homemade vegetable soup for my wife and son.  I don't like canned tomato soup, but this stuff made from scratch is awesome!  I'm spending a fortune on produce.

The Bad

The Writing

                If I know Jake, he’ll be on early, so I am going to try to recap the day before he does.   First and foremost, Jess agreed to go to Houston.  And I am not entirely positive it is the right choice, but I think I’d prefer it.  I’d really like to be around friends if this really is the end of the world.  And Jake has always been the best friend I have ever had.  I know I said, “No chivalry”, but Jake is a special case.  His kids are my godkids and I can’t let anything happen to them if I can help it.

                Jess’ only request was to wait a few days to see if this thing ends on its own.  I don’t think it is going to, but I must say I feel safe in my little castle at the moment.  We have our bags ready to go.  Four of them actually.  Two of them full of my freeze dried camping food, one with my camping essentials, including my stove and butane canisters.  They are heavy, but I only have to carry them as far as the car.  This is my backcountry backpack, so it will work nicely if I do have to carry it far.  I can rearrange items later if I need to.  The fourth bag has nonessentials and is the smallest.  Deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and the like.  This bag also has what little cash I’ve squirreled away for a zombie apocalypse.  And lo and behold that day is here.  I don’t know what good it is going to do now, but you never know, right?  I think the canned goods and perishables in the fridge will last us about four days.  So I think our absolute time limit has been set.  Even if the power stays on, we are out of here four days from now.  September 21st.  the first day of Fall.  Perfect day to start an adventure.  Hopefully we are the heroes in this adventure and not some of the expendable victims.  If we are smart about this, I think we will be.  Only time will tell.  Until then, I have a hair-brained plan to try to get us more supplies.  Tomorrow morning I am going to tunnel through the wall between my apartment and my neighbors’ apartment.  Looting? Hell yes!  Desperate times call for desperate measures right?  I’ll have to be careful though.  My neighbor is a cop and I don’t want to get shot going through.  I will start by pounding on the wall to see if there is any response.  If there is none, then I am going for it.  If there is a human response, then I am going for it.  So I guess I (I really need to start thinking in terms of “we”) am going to go for it tomorrow morning.  Who knows what I’ll find over there.  I can see his front door from my living room window and at least it is closed.  His downstairs neighbor’s door is wide open, so that is not a good sign.

                The shamblor activity is steady.  No more, no less.  I have Jess watching through the blinds and she is to come get me if it seems like there is an opening to get the bags into the car.  So far nothing from her.  I will just sit here and wait for Jake.  It is only 5:30.

                Haha, Google is still up and running, but a lot of the sites it is linking me to aren’t.  I was able to find a few survival sites that were still up and printed out a book worth of shit.  Anything I could think of that may help keep us alive if we needed to live off the land.  Long term goal.  Houston isn’t going to be it.  I am going to tell Jake, that, when he…  speak of the Devil.

Studio54Reject691: Steve?

SNM456: yessir.  I’m here.  How you doing?

Studio54Reject691:  Scared man.  They know we are in here.  I don’t know how, but they are starting to try to get in.  There are about 20 of them man.  All quiet and pawing at the glass and the front door.

SNM456: Calm down, Jake.

SNM456: I think they are just guessing.  We have the same thing here too.  They try to get into an apartment and give up after an hour or so and then wander off to try somewhere else. 

SNM456:  Just keep your head on.  Get your bug out bags ready.

Studio54Reject691: I’ve tried man, but Janus won’t let me.

SNM456: you need to explain to her that it is just a precaution.  You need to be ready to get out of there if they get in.  Do you have the note under your pillow already?

Studio54Reject691: Yes man, but

SNM456: No

SNM456: You need to do this.  How many hours did we spend “fantasizing” about this?  How many hours of mental preparation?

SNM456: Come on man.

Studio54Reject691: Ok, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

SNM456:  Remember, the key words are going to be JUST IN CASE. 

SNM456: got it?

Studio54Reject691:  Yeah.  Are you safe?  Are you coming?  I’d really like to have you around man?  You were always the calm cool and collected one.  I think it would help our situation.

SNM456: We are going to stick around here a few more days.

Studio54Reject691: You keep saying WE.  Who is WE?

SNM456:  Shit.  I assumed you’d read my blogs since you were still online.

Studio54Reject691: no

SNM456: Remember me telling you about that hot bartender down the road at PJ’s?

Studio54Reject691:  You didn’t tell me you were shacking up with her.  WTF?!

SNM456: Long story.  I’ll tell you in person.  It really was an heroic moment on my part.  You’ll love it.

SNM456: For now, I am going to try to acquire more supplies from my neighbors.  And if any of them are alive, I’ll be bringing them along.

SNM456: I hope some of them are alive.  I want to play hero some more.

Studio54Reject691:  Asshole.

SNM456:  Ok, so, here is the plan.  We are going to hang out here and lay low and gather as many supplies as we can for a couple days.  We have about 4 days food in the apt.  So that would be the latest we would take off.

SNM456: We are going to wait  to see if (not sent)

Studio54Reject691: 4 DAYS!?!??!  Dude, they will be in by then!
SNM456: Calm down man.  Seriously.  If you are going to lose it, where will Janus and Patty and little Jake be?

SNM456: fucked

SNM456: that’s where.  So calm down and think.  Use your head.  Do you need me to give you tasks to keep you focused?  All I am going to do is remind you of everything we’ve already talked about.  All those nights in your backyard by the firepit?

Studio54Reject691: FUCK!  Ok, I can do this.  You have to be smart about this too.

Studio54Reject691:  You need to make it here safely.  That is what’s important.  Then we can work together.  FUCK!  I’m just scared man.  My kids.

SNM456: I know, Jake.

SNM456:  Our plan.  I want to be ready for this trip.  It is going to be long and scary for us.  I don’t want to make a mistake.

SNM456: I am going to try to get supplies and more weapons.  Right now I don’t know how to kill these fuckers.  I am assuming it is like the movies.  But who knows.

SNM456: It may be sooner.  We’ve agreed to wait until our food runs out, and hopefully the army or national guard or whoever (haha) will get it cleaned up before we have to risk our necks and go out there.

SNM456:  If the power goes out before then, then we are hitting the road. At next light.

Studio54Reject691:  That makes sense. 

SNM456:  Ok, in the morning I want to check in with you.  10am sound good to you?

Studio54Reject691: Yeah man.  That’s perfect.  We aren’t really sleeping well anyway.  And tomorrow evening?

SNM456: Same bat time, same bat channel my friend.  Now go take care of your family and first thing in the morning you get your bug out bags ready, JUST IN CASE

Studio54Reject691:  Just in case.  I love you bro.  thank you

SNM456: Jake, I’ll see you soon and talk to you in the morning.  I love you man.

                That went well.  How can he be freaking out that much?  The kids I guess.   Well, time to start enacting the plan.  First a good night’s sleep.  Good night cyberspace.

We're almost caught up to what I have written so far on this story.  I might double up tomorrow.  Of course if the "write-in goes well in the morning tomorrow is going to be a really long blog.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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