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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 41:S.E.T. Tasting, Wifey in Vegas, Behind on my writing, and no writing post (yet)

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
1) SET Tasting - Last night was the monthly meeting of the Spirit Enthusiasts of Texas.  An organization that is bound and determined to elevate the drinking habits of the public at large starting with the local "cocktail scene".  I love these events, even though I don't get to attend them every month.  Being the busy boy that I am.  Last night we tried some classic French cocktails and cocktails inspired by the great nation of France.  In the past we have tasted all of the spirits - Whisky, Whiskey, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum (I assume, though I missed that one), Beer.  And these tastings have been utterly fantastic.  We've learned a lot about the spirits and the cocktails we have tasted.
    My only complaint is that the organizers claim it is NOT an elitist group, it is only mostly the same individuals at each tasting.  And these are 90% industry individuals.  I believe this is where the education on the spirits needs to begin, but I fear the group is going to become stagnant and fall short of it's goals if it doesn't reach out to the public in some way.  I sincerely hope that the group continues (and I have no reason to doubt that it will) and expands to more broad seminars for the public.  This may be a scary proposition for the group that runs this organization, but I firmly believe in what they stand for and also firmly believe that they need to expand in order for the craving for well crafted drinks to virally begin to thrive here in San Antonio.

2) This weekend, my wife is going to be in Las Vegas helping her friend pick out a wedding dress for her wedding next year.  My step son is going to be with his father's family for the weekend.  Where does that leave me?  Potentially lonely and with WAY too much time on my hands.  I think I am going to focus on the positive this time around.  I am going to be focusing all of my powers on good instead of evil for 2 1/2 days.  On tap is going to be writing and working on my "other project" that I have alluded to in past blogs.  Friday night I will be dropping off my wife at the airport and heading to a bar where my friend tends.  I am hoping to have a great discussion that will lead to actually starting this project. Saturday and Sunday are going to be dedicated to writing writing writing.  I will be extremely disappointed if I don't get 10,000 words written.  There will be no excuses for failing to meet this goal.  There will be no distractions, no plans and no wife.  While the lack of wife would normally be a bad thing, I am going to turn it into a positive and advance my novel beyond the point where it is now and beyond the point I have ever gotten any piece of fiction I have written.

The Bad
I didn't blog or write last night.  I had a night out with good friends instead (see "The Good")  This means I am now behind in my novel for the NaNoWriMo.  I need to kick it up a notch tonight.  Shall I shoot for 3000 words?  yikes.  I don't like the feeling of being behind in my writing.  I feel this is a real opportunity for me to make a go at my dream, and me falling behind is quite discouraging.  However, I will persevere!

The Writing
I might post what I write tonight here later.  Check I will repost if I make changes to this section.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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