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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 36: The Writing

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good
No time for the blog tonight.  I am behind on my novel writing for tonight.  Had to take care of some other very exciting "stuff".  Top secret for now.

The Bad
I have been in a positive mood now for quite a few days in a row now.  What could possibly go wrong?

The Writing

Monday September 17, 2012  9am
Wow, over ten hours sleep.  I feel completely rested and ready for the day.  I know you are wondering (assuming you still have internet and electricity where you are) if I got lucky with the beautiful Jessica last night.  I would love to say yes, but the farthest I got was a goodnight kiss and a request for me to hold her since she was scared.  I’m glad I could comfort her.  Now who the fuck is going to comfort me when I am scared.  Fuck chivalry.  On tap for today: prepare “bug out bags”.  Essentials that will help us survive at least a couple days on the road in case we need to get the hell out of here in a hurry.  I know my Xterra’s gas tank is nearly full (which is only going to get us three hundred miles from here at best.  It already has a full first aid kit in it.  So I am going to focus on the non-medical supplies.

                We are going to need weapons of some kind.  I chuckled just now, thinking of Shaun of the Dead, and kinda wish I had a cricket bat.  I’ll have to make do with my aluminum softball bats.  How much camping food do I have in the closet?  I guess I’ll find out.  Who knows where we’ll be sleeping if we need to get the hell out of Dodge.

Incoming chat request from Studio54reject691: DUDE YOU THERE??

SNM456: Jake, you alright?  And quit yelling!

Studio54Reject691:  Steve, what the fuck man?  Is it happening in San Antonio too?

SNM456: Yessir.  Houston too?

SNM456: You guys ok over there?

Studio54Reject691: Yeh its here too.  Its bad.  We haven’t lef the house in two days.  Since the TV stations here cut out.  Power’s gone out a couple times and the phones went down before the TV.  Janus and the kids are fine.
Studio54Reject691:  Dude, I watched the guy across the street get eaten man!  WTF!?  We haven’t left the house since then.  Those things are everywhere.  We’ve blockaded the front door and boarded up the windows as best we can.

SNM456:  Just stay inside and stay safe.  How are your supplies?  How about the backyard?

Studio54Reject691: Well, as often as we talked about this day, you’d think we’d be more prepared for it.  But with the kids, it has been hard enough to make ends meet, let alone get enough ahead to justify disaster supplying.  The backyard is secure so far.  I’ve been out there a couple times.  The world is SO quiet dude.  The birds are all gone.  Where the hell did they all go man?  And the movies got it wrong.  These fuckers don’t moan.  They don’t make a fucking peep.  There have been a few cars that have torn down our block.  And that seems to keep them away from our house.

SNM456: Not a sound?

SNM456:  I guess that makes sense.  If they are predators they wouldn’t want to announce their presence.  Or maybe they lost their vocal abilities.  Either way, it’s not a good thing.

Studio54Reject691:  Nice SotD reference.  Janus wants me to get off the computer.  Do you think we should try to meet up?  Do you want to come here?  What time do you want to meet online again?

SNM456:  you just stay put man.  You look after your family.  Let me think on this today.  Get back online at 6.  I don’t want the computer light on after dark.  We’ll figure something out.  Stay put and stay safe.  And remember what we planned for.  If you have to leave before we can talk again leave a note under your pillow letting me know where you tried to get to.  Let us think this out today.  It isn’t a long drive under normal circumstances, but under these…

Studio54Reject691:  I know man.  I love you, bro.  Just remember everything we talked about about this day.

SNM456: Love you too man.

                Ok, that adds a new wrinkle to my plan.  I need to talk this over with Jess, but if there is one person in the world that I would most like to be with during this… whatever this is, it’s Jake.  I know he seemed panicked, but I know the amount of knowledge in his head.  And it is vital.  I hope he just keeps it together long enough to ride this out.  Now to convince Jess.  Fuck, Houston is 250 miles away.  It might as well be 2000.  The TV showed massive traffic leaving the city.  Although most of that was to the north and south.

                I just peaked out my office blinds and there are a lot of them outside the fence.  Some are trying to get in, but most are just wandering around aimlessly.  Inside is what really concerns me.  Apparently a lot of my neighbors died in their apartments because there are a lot of zombies that I kinda recognize.  Great!  I’m glad I pulled Xena up to the front door.  We won’t have to go very far if we decide to take off.   Ok, enough dilly dallying.  Time to get to the bug out bags. 

I wrote that last night at Starbucks.  There is more from last night that you can read tomorrow if you care to.

Stay scared my friends,
My Little Demon


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