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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Writing

The Good

Let's see. The weather gods read my blog last night and  they are bringing me proper winter weather.  Hooray!  We may not get snow, but we are going to get cold temperatures!!!  The high tomorrow is going to be 54, which is ten degrees cooler than it is right now at 10pm.  AND that is going to be about 20 degrees warmer than on Wednesday!  I am SOO excited!  I can't wait  for the cold weather to blow through here.

The Bad

I miss my family.  I don't have a huge family, and I'm sure I've written about them before.  I don't know my father's side of my gene pool because my parents were divorced when I was two and I grew up knowing only my mother's half of my family.  I've only met my paternal grandparents and one cousin on that side of my family.  I do not feel as though I missed out in any way by what some may think of as a lack of connection with these blood relatives (I just learned a couple months ago that I actually have uncles and aunts on my father's side)(and the fact that I have 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters that I have never met).  But I do have a deep connection with my mother's side of the family.  I have one uncle and two aunts. My mommy, and Grandpa and five cousins.  That's right, how many of you can count their first cousins on one hand?  C, J, C, T and J I miss the hell out of all of you.  I grew up along side J1 and he is still in California.  I was there last July.  I haven't seen a single family member since July.  Here is where my wife chimes in and says "Do something about it."  To her I say, save it, you know our financial situation.
I am the oldest of the six cousins.  I got married first and started having children first.  One of my cousins we will call him C1, the next oldest, I haven't seen since my first wedding day.  That was June of 1995.  T and J2 I haven't seen since the following summer when I visited the family in Utah.  C2, I have seen more recently.  And by the way of my three other cousins that have children, C2's are the only ones I have actually seen in person. Well two of the three of them.  Fast forward to present day.  C1 is living in Idaho with his four children.  C2, her hubby and three offspring are living is Utah still, as is J2.  J1 is still in California.  T is living in Lubbock, TX a mere 5 hours from me, and yet I haven't seen her since she was 15.  Now she is going to turn 30 in August and has three little ones of her own that I have obviously never seen.  I would really love to rectify this situation in the coming year.  This is going to be the busiest and fullest year of my life.  I have big plans and big goals.  One of them is to see at least one of my cousins and their kids.  T, can I come visit you?

The Writing

I got nuttin.

Stay scared my friends,

My Little Demon


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