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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Step one: Figure out where you want to go!


I'm back after far too long away.  So many excuses not to write every day.  But you know what?  That's all they are.  Excuses.  Instead of farting around on Farmville, I could have been blogging.  Instead of sitting around watching a movie I could have spent two hours writing.  Instead of wasting time staring at the plethora of games on my iPhone, I could have been brainstorming ideas of how to escape the rat race.

Today I decided, "No more excuses!"

And that was quite invigorating, because I actually felt that statement deep in my soul!  You know what my very next thought was?  "Holy fuck!  If I have no more excuses, then I really have to accomplish something.  Because if I don't, then I will invariably start up with the excuses again.  I don't want to be a failure."

Where the hell do I go from here?  I know where I want to wind up.  This isn't like one of my stories.  I can't just fill in the middle parts that get me to the happy ending I am craving.  It's more like trying to follow a GPS device into a new neighborhood.  I often ran into that while living in Las Vegas.  When I moved there, the city was still growing, and the GPS softwares couldn't keep up with the growth.  I often drove around for awhile before I realized I was on the right track.  Or the wrong one occasionally.  And you know what?  That is a lot like life.  We may know where we want to get to (though a lot of people don't even know that), and we have a general direction in which to travel.  But all the GPS satellites have just crashed and burned up in the atmosphere.  Tough shit for us right?  So much like our pioneering ancestors we set off in what we think is the right direction and pretty much wing it from there.  We try to keep the destination in mind as we meander through the side streets, highways, dirt roads and game trails of life.

One word about my writing right now for any new readers I may have, or those of you that have forgotten how I write.  If you don't like analogies, you may just want to click back to Facebook, or Twitter or wherever you have come from.  I am full of them.  I tend to use them in my every day life all the time.  I don't even realize it sometimes.  I can always find something to relate anything to in order to paint a picture, or better explain something to someone.  This is just what I do.

So the first thing that I need to do is decide on a destination.  What would my perfect world be like?  Then, I need to decide if that life is reasonably attainable.  If it is, then I need to figure out the general direction I need to head to eventually wind up there.  If it isn't reasonable as I desire it in my perfect imagination, then how do i need to tweak it in order to make it attainable in my lifetime.

Don't you have a dream life?  Is it detailed?  Or is it a vague idea.  If it's a general vague idea - such as just sitting on the beach every day like my wifey - then flesh it out a bit more.  It may be Hawaii, but sitting on the beach in the middle of the night, couldn't possible appeal to you... could it?  So in the comment section below tell me - in as many or as few words as you'd like - what your dream life would consist of.  Remember this is the perfect world revolving completely around you.  Be selfish!  I expect to read about everyone wanting to be as rich as Donald Trump or Bill Gates and having a dozen houses spread around the world.

Scared to pour your heart out?  Afraid that your dream sucks?  Afraid that it is too big to be a realistic thing? Well, DUH!  Next time through through we will pare it down to something that IS attainable.  Still don't want to "put yourself out there"?  Ok, I'll go first.

I am going to be completely selfish here and just assume that the wifey and kids are part of this dream somewhere.  I am not going to mention them in this, but rest assured they are there... somewhere.  Next time I will flesh out where they come in.  Or maybe the time after that.

I can't decide between three destinations, so I am going to combine them into one eclectic mess.  I want to be a farmer, bartender and writer.  Ok, maybe not bartender, but bar owner.  How am I going to manage all of this success?  Sounds like a lot of work right?  Well, I have come to realize about myself that I NEED a lot of work.  I am not the type of person who can sit and do nothing for long periods of time.  Days at the beach sunning myself is not my idea of fun.  Don't get me wrong, the beach is a very fun place to be, but I always have to be doing something while there.  The kids love this because I will make sand castles and throw rocks and still do all the "kid stuff".  So staying busy is something that I see in my perfect world.  I would like to have a small "homestead" on which I grow all my own fruits and veggies.  I will leave the raising of livestock to neighbors.  I will also need a few friends or laborers to tend the homestead while I am gone.  And where will I be gone to?  To oversee one of my many bars around the world.  I'm thinking four or five would be perfect.  Let's see where do I want them?  One in whatever town our homestead is located near - in this example, let's say somewhere along the border between Colorado and Wyoming.  One in San Antonio, because that is where my wife's family is and we would want to visit there a lot and I would like to give back to the place that has taught me so much about bartending and cocktails.  Let's see, someplace warm - a barefoot bar in Hawaii should do nicely.  Europe - Scotland or Ireland.  And I think Australia, though I don't have my heart set on that one.  So now we have travel plans one to two weeks every month.  During the other 2-3 weeks of the month about half the day would be spent tending the homestead.  That leaves half days free while at home.  I would spend half that time writing.  Writing novels.  Writing blogs.  It doesn't matter.  Just writing.  Getting all the stories out of my head and onto paper.  Writing to blog readers.  Writing to free my soul.  Kinda like this blog tonight.

Ok, it's your turn.  Next time, I will whittle down my ultimate dream to something that I think I can actually attain.  That'll be step two.

Until then, please share your dream.  Maybe you can develop a direction over the coming days, weeks and months as I do the same.

Thank you for reading.

My Little Demon


JIR said...

Ideal life:

If not living in Hawaii, visiting it OFTEN! If money were no object in my perfect world...and why would it be?

What with all the gardening I will have to help with in the other living locations my hubby mentioned, I will need to wind down and relax in Hawaii.

We would have a big enough house to take care of Fish, Tresy and the boys, they will take care of it while we are not there. Whem I'm there, Tresy and I will sun worship and relax. All the kids will come with us to the Farmer's Market where we will eat AMAZING food and smell BEAUTIFUL flowers and order pineapple sausage for BBQing later in the evening, this will include fresh veggies grown from our Hawaiian garden.

When Tresy needs a vacation we will all swoop away to other exotic, tropical locations where we will sip many a frutiy frosty beverage from a plethora of barefoot bars.

When my husband has time away from his hectic schedule from all of his jobs, we will vacation to Italy and Spain and other European countries. Perhaps ponder the idea of purchasing a lovely Tuscan villa. :-)

During holidays we will switch going from CA to SA visiting our families.

My perfect world is pretty simple...........when you realize MONEY IS NO OBJECT! ;-)

Spooky Sean said...

Nothing special, be a published horror author, and have enough money to live comfortably off of writing. And I want to live in a house, with a backyard, and I want to have a dog and a cat. I also want neighbors who are not too close, because I want to be able to really crank horror mvies out of my TV. When I do it now in my apartment complex, can't help but feel a tiny bit douchey.

MyLtlDmn said...

I'm right there with you Sean. I just moved out of an apt into a house, and for the first month or so I was overly concerned with the loud music and loud movies. Especially the slasher scenes and explosions. It is so cool to finally be able to experience these movies as they should be experienced. Especially with my 16th annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon coming up in October. Time to go all out!
I hate that douchy feeling, and being looked at for being "that weirdo who likes the horror stuff". BLAH.